About Us

Vaping is a passion expressed by millions of people seeking a safer alternative to smoking around the world. Our venture into the e-cigarette industry is for two reasons. The first reason is to help people find a healthy way to live a life full of energy and goodness and to promote a safe lifestyle. The second is to educate smokers about a better and safe alternative to tobacco smoking to succeed in our first reason to venture into vaping.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate about vaping. We eat, sleep and dream vapor; we practically live our thinking and working to make a lasting improvement in the vaping industry. We want your dreams to come true, and we dedicate our time, and resources to ensure smokers live in good health.

We are not new to smoking, and like every sincere people who understand the pains associated with risks of nicotine addiction, it is our passion to give smokers a meaningful alternative. We want to help people learn about vaping, its products and accessories and provide them the resources to get what they want.

Established early in 2008, HQVapers has become the most loved and trusted marketplace by tens of thousands of happy customers by offering the best shopping experience, timely shipping and a stellar customer service.
HQVapers™ brings to anyone interested in vaping the resources to get everything they want by visiting us. We will answer your questions and go the extra length to find whatever you need for you. Whether you need the hardware – vaping Starter Kits, Accessories or Coils and rich blends of e-Liquid of any taste you want, talk to us, and we promise to find what you need. Through continued partnership with all major & minor manufacturers, we are able to retain the best quality, on time stocks and the best pricing possible.

You Are Our Jewel

We hold our customers and indeed the vaping community in the highest esteem, for this reason, we wanted you to feel at home and assured that we have your interest foremost in our minds. We promote only safe, quality and reliable vaping products and ready to defend your interest anytime and any day!

Our Site is Vaping Safe House 

We will never place our business interest above your safety and trust. We want you to feel at home whenever you visit this website to choose what you want and feel free to ask us anything as long as it relates to vaping!

Kindly register with us so we can know you and keep you in mind as we interact and together move the vaping industry to an enviable height.

The HQVapers team aims to push the boundaries of service even beyond to deliver customers a completely satisfying experience.

Let together bring the electronic cigarette to the knowledge of all smokers to help them live a quality life!