Quit Smoking


You have heard all about the gains of quitting smoking cigarette.

When you let go of smoking, it reduces the risk of you getting lung cancer and other heart-related diseases like stroke, vascular diseases, etc. this is in addition to bad symptoms like excess cough, short breath, etc. 

Some of these consequences happen as time goes on, and others can occur within 20 minutes after you put off the final cigarette.

Irrespective of your reason for letting go of the habit, there are several ranges of motivators to keep you excited over the course of the next few days, weeks, months, and definitely, every year to come.

You should quit smoking at least for these:

Extended life if you Quit Smoking:

Quitting smoking is a way of getting a new lease on life. Smoking endangers all organs in the body.

Almost half of all smokers are liable to die young of a smoking-induced disease. The American Cancer Society opined that smoking is a carrier of up to 15 forms of cancer, then we have the lung diseases, heart diseases and other diseases related to smoking. Of course, cancer is the real deal.

Never let the popular saying:” the damage is done already” fool you to death. It’s never too late to effect change. The male smokers lose up to 14 years as a result of keeping up with their smoking habit, while the females lose up to 15 years of life indulging in it.  People that quit smoking at fifty years of age reduce their odds of dying during the next 15 years by half.

Protection to family and friends

Smokers are not affecting only themselves by smoking; the smoke is also affecting those who stay around them. 

Studies have shown that smoke coming from a smoker’s cigarette have killed up to 50000 in a year and render a lot of people sick, mainly small children. It has also been established that pregnant women who stay around places where habitual smokers reside have a very high risk of having a stillbirth than those who stay away from there; validating the fact that exposure to tobacco can harm unborn babies.

Experts contemplate that the chemicals in cigarettes may put the fetus at risk by reducing blood flow and probably causing damage to the placenta.

Secondhand smokes are made up of all the exact carcinogens that are found in the smoke that's been taken into your lungs. Newly born infants and children in smokers' vicinities suffer excessive colds, bronchitis, ear problems, and other lung and breathing problems than children in smoke-free homes.

Body Repairs

Your body starts rectifying itself within minutes after quitting cigarette. "You start regaining your strength back within 7 to 10 days after you quit," Glyn says. "You also regain your sense of smell and taste back.” Your heart rate and blood pressure drops down immediately, and within a matter of weeks, your ability to breathe well improve impressively.

You’ll also look more ravishing. Smoking ages the skin prematurely, causing wrinkles. Smoking also makes teeth, fingers, and fingernails dirty and causes bad breath.

More love and affection

Smoking is not socially acceptable these days. Almost all companies ban smoking from their facilities. Some house owners don't give out their houses to smokers, due to higher costs of maintenances and more expensive insurance costs. Most of the public events are smoke-free, and more states and communities are making laws to put an end to smoking from all indoor public places, including restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Improved savings

Smoking takes a lot of money, which makes it an expensive habit to have. The average smoker part with close to $2,200 a year on tobacco use.

To get a figure on how much you are wasting on digging your own grave, sum up the amount you spend daily on smoking multiplied by 365, and you will get your figure. Put in consideration the higher health and life insurance rates, and then the amount you will spend when your smoking habits catch up with you. 

Imagine how much you can save if you quit smoking!